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Robert Bosch Ltda.

Kra.45 No.108ª-50 Piso 7
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel.: (571) 6585010

Servicio Técnico

Tel.: (571) 6585000


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2018-05-22 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch presents new Xelum R&D

*From the development of new products through to production *Precise dosing of smallest amounts of API *Integrated dry blender with up to four loss-in-weight feeders *Direct 1:1 transfer from Xelum R&D to Xelum production equipment más

2018-05-17 | Electrified mobility | Powertrain systems

Diesel breakthrough at Bosch: your questions answered

*New Bosch diesel prototype emits just 13 milligrams of NOx per kilometer *Why is this breakthrough based on existing technology? *When will the new powertrain be installed in vehicles? más

2018-05-17 | Noticias Corporativas

Reliable consulting and maintenance

*Service and consulting are decisive criteria in the purchase of an eBike *Bosch supports dealers with specialised tools and training *Professional maintenance and retrofitting at dealers más

2018-05-17 | Connected mobility | Two Wheeler

Greater safety on two wheels: Bosch innovations for the motorcycles of the future

*Bosch is making motorcycling safer the world over *With the help of Bosch technology, dangerous traffic situations will not even occur in the first place más

2018-05-17 | Two Wheeler | Connected mobility

Fewer accidents: Bosch is teaching motorcycles how to see and feel

*Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: “Bosch is taking motorcycling safety to a whole new level” *One in seven motorcycle accidents could be prevented using radar-based assistance systems *Improved safety and enjoyment: radar is becoming a sensory organ for motorcycles *New Bosch technology to feature in production models from KTM and Ducati más

2018-05-09 | Noticias Corporativas

Keeping a close eye on processes and lines

*Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition visualizes production data in real time *Higher productivity thanks to monitoring of OEE, status and events *Data Services help to identify hidden correlations and optimization potential más

2018-04-30 | Noticias Corporativas

Marco Lammer appointed new General Manager of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH

*Long-term experience in the field of marketing and sales *New assignment starts May 1, 2018 más

2018-04-30 | Noticias Corporativas

Robert Bosch Venture Capital invests in Allegro.AI

*After leading the seed round Robert Bosch Venture Capital invests additional funds in round A *Allegro.AI is emerging from stealth to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence (AI) lifecycle management *Dr. Ramesohl: ”Best-in-class tools to create production grade AI-based solutions.” más

2018-04-26 | Powertrain systems | Automated mobility | Connected mobility

Bosch presents solutions to connect mobility in China at Auto Beijing 2018

*Strong growth: sales of Mobility Solutions in China grew 25 percent year on year
to 82.9 billion RMB (10.9 billion Euro) in 2017 *Sustainable localization: 23 automotive manufacturing locations in China *New division: Connected Mobility Solutions meet the increasing demands in the domestic market for digital mobility service más

2018-04-26 | Noticias Corporativas

Premiere at Achema: new freeze dryer from Bosch

*Optimal shelf design ensures uniform temperatures and rapid cleaning due to a patented tilting shelf mechanism *Variable container size thanks to double shelf interdistance *Harmonized interfaces for upstream and downstream line components provide efficient processes más

2018-04-25 | Internet of Things

Dr. Yasser Jadidi


2018-04-25 | Noticias Corporativas

Dr. Stefan Bareiss


2018-04-25 | Sustainability

Breakthrough: new Bosch diesel technology provides solution to NOx problem

*Unprecedented emissions: NOx 10 times lower than limits set for 2020 *New Bosch technology retains advantage with regard to fuel consumption and environmental impact *Denner: “There’s a future for diesel. Soon, emissions will no longer be an issue.” *Internal combustion engines equipped with artificial intelligence have almost zero impact on air quality *Appeal to politicians: fuel consumption should be measured on the road and emissions analyzed from well to wheel más

2018-04-25 | Electrified mobility | Working at Bosch | Internet of Things | Business/economy | Powertrain systems | Automated mobility | Industry 4.0 | Smart Home | Sustainability | Connected mobility | Commercial vehicles | Research

Growth, earnings, environmental protection: in its quest to make mobility as emissions-free as possible Bosch has achieved a breakthrough


2018-04-25 | Noticias Corporativas

Annual press conference 2018 #BoschAPC