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Bosch is teaching the vehicle how to drive

It is likely that turning the steering wheel and stepping on the pedals will seem to be equally prehistoric tasks in a few years, as of the popularization of automated drive.

They are already being tested by companies in several parts of the world, including by Bosch, which conducts projects in California and in the region of Stuttgart. Sensors, radars, computers and electronic control units guide the automobile through the streets, deviate obstacles and take it to the destination, with no human intervention required.

One of the consequences of the novelty, and perhaps the main one, is increasing safety, eliminating human errors, as there are technologies such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) – it detects obstacles on the streets and brakes the vehicle before any incident. The automatic pilot (ACC) which adapts the speed and the distance in accordance with the traffic conditions.

The safety shall also increase as the fleet will be increasingly interconnected. With the vehicles “talking” to each other, it will be possible to distribute the traffic flow on different streets.

Connected to other devices, the automobile will be an active part of the Internet of Things – it will be able to indicate and book hotels near the area where you are or activate household appliances.

Will our children need to learn how to drive?

Some specialists say that they will not, affirm the journalist Igor Napol, editor of the site TecMundo Auto. And this shall occur quickly – the children who are being born today probably will not have to learn how to drive.

TecMundo (Tech World)

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be in a car that drives itself? Find out!

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